Wim Degezelle

Independent Internet Policy Analyst and Consultant


“The cultural diversity of an international work environment is neither frightening nor hindering. It’s a challenge to listen, imagine and understand why people have different visions. There’s a healthy tension between the willingness to remain open-minded and the urge to stick to your own ideas and to convince the others. Both are needed to obtain success, build bridges, solve problems or move projects forward.”


Wim Degezelle is an independent consultant with 10 years’ experience in Internet
Governance and Domain Names and 15 years in International Policy.

Wim’s background is double:  the Internet’s global technical and domain name
community and the European Parliament and EU environment in Brussels.
He has experience with working among and with policy makers, performing different
roles in an industry association and serving as chairman of industry workshops.

His experience allows him to provide a wide range of services amongst others
policy analysis, research and report writing, meeting facilitation, strategic planning
and delivering presentations. He’s interested in Internet Governance, the development
of the Internet, the Domain Name Industry and Registry policies and best practices.

Fields of expertise

Internet Governance, Domain Names, ccTLDs, ICANN, IGF, Registry policies,
Registrar relations, EU policy, Industry organisations and government relations.


email contact@drmv.be
LinkedIn WimDegezelle

Recent projects & assignments

LACTLD, UNDESA/IGF Secretariat, ChannelIsles.net, WBC Global – ICANN/the Registries Stakeholder Group (RySG), GeoTLD.Group, the Internet Society

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